Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Impact of Obamacare on Small Business

Jonathan L. Goates
This is one man's story about the impact of Obamacare on his small business:

Dear Family:
On the afternoon prior to the second presidential debate I am sending you this quick note to urge you to vote against the full implementation of Obamacare.  I have studied carefully the impact that the current and future requirements of Obamacare would have upon our independent medical practice of over 60 years.
CONCLUSION: If/when fully implemented this business may no longer be able to survive the additional regulation and mandated decrease in revenue that would result.  That means that I would most likely be unemployed along with 28 people who work at this clinic.
I really don’t care if Obama or Romney is more or less ‘likable’; nor do I care about any other promise or commitment either candidate uses to beguile us.  For me (and to your personal care physician) it all boils down to this:
A.      IF Obama is re-elected and Obamacare is fully enacted – 30 people will inevitably be unemployed, including me; that is my doomsday projection to the owners of this business.  Obamacare means that I will immediately have to figure out how to run this business with 30% less revenue and no off-setting tax relief beginning 1/1/13; less cash flow for this business means fewer employees because I can lay-off more people faster for an immediate financial impact than I can sell equipment assets.  Obama threatens to take away jobs so I won’t vote for him.
B.      IF Romney is elected many of the items in the Act will be repealed – yes, unknown changes would lie ahead.  I would rather accept an unknown future than to be forced into something that I know will bring about the ultimate end of my employment in a small business.  Romney is right when he says that with a brighter economic future for small business that we will invest more, hire more and thrive better than we are today.
1.       We are putting off a decision to purchase a $50,000 scanner until we know whether or not Obamacare will be repealed; if repealed we will buy it on November 10th, if enacted we will not make the purchase.
2.       When I know that the threat of Obamacare is lifted I will immediately hire 2 more physicians and 3-4 more staff.

Please, make your vote count; use this example with your friends and your families.  I hope that this little exercise will help you make up your minds, too.  I’m sorry that I have to be bold here; I believe that my job is on the line.

Jon Goates
Chief Executive,
Davis Family Physicians, PC


  1. I have read, studied, pondered and prayed about Obamacare, and all I have to say is...Evil. Pure and simple.

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