Saturday, October 13, 2012

Barack Obama - The Illegitimate Incompetent President

There is a video advertisement that is making its rounds on the Internet this week. It caught my eye this morning, and I think this one man, an immigrant entrepreneur, sums up the differences in the two paths we have before us as a country. He states the case brilliantly:

I've done a lot of research, reading and observing since that November day in Grant Park in Chicago, when Barack Hussein Obama II ascended to the presidency. Like most Americans, I was caught up in the emotion of the moment - America's first black president. What a great day for freedom-loving people. It said a lot that we could set aside our differences and come together after a national election and peacefully agree to take a new path toward Hope and Change.

America was tired of war. The economy had tanked. Fear was everywhere. Would the $700 Billion TARP legislation just passed by both houses of Congress be enough to save the world from financial oblivion? We looked to our new national leadership. We believed, we wanted to believe, we needed to believe.

However, the last four years have proven to be a sham, a fraud, and an illegitimate seizure of Constitutional protections that have been the bulwark of the Republic since our founding.

With control of both houses of Congress in an epic election with political reversals of fortunes, the pendulum swung in favor of Democrats. The Republicans had proven in the end to be reckless big-government spenders just like their counterparts. They put up a weak ticket in McCain and Palin. Sarah Palin has parlayed her fifteen minutes of fame into a celebrity career that continues to insult our intelligence. She was interesting for the full fifteen minutes we were first introduced to her, but her interests were never to get into the arena where she was ill-suited as a national candidate. Any thinking person would not have intentionally picked her to be one heartbeat away from the presidency, especially as the Number Two to an aging Senator. So, the 2008 election was doomed from the outset and opened the way for Obama.

BHO managed to crush the Clintonistas in the long, drawn-out primary (no small feat, I might add, and we forget how long that took to declare the winner for the Democrat nomination). The Internet is alive with conspiracy theories about how Obama got there in the first place. Here's another summation. Some have even said Barack Obama is gay and murders happened to cover it up. Just do a Google search for "first unconstitutional president" and see what you find. I'll reserve comment on all of that.

What interests me most is the aftermath of the election of 2010. It also was historic. It was a complete and utter "shellacking" as President Obama characterized it. His policies were resoundingly rejected by the American electorate. With two years to do anything he chose to do, to tackle any of the more urgent agenda items - the debt, the deficit spending, the need for entitlement reform, repairing the economy - instead he shoved the biggest costliest entitlement program in the history of the world, Obamacare, through both houses of Congress, adding one lie upon another to his narrative about its benefits for the American people.

The culmination of the lies was in the Affordable Healthcare Law being UPHELD by the SCOTUS. They found in the majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, that Obamacare did in fact impose taxes upon the American public. Hardest hit, according to the CBO, would be the "middle class." Their estimate as they continue to count the costs, now approaches $2.2 Trillion when fully implemented. And we continue to hear, "I did not raise taxes on the middle class." Remember when President Obama in his SOTU address promised, "I will not sign the healthcare bill if it adds one dime to the deficit?"

The American people can often be fooled, it seems, but they will not forever remain stupid. They know a phony when they see one. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was de-throned as the Speaker of the House, but Harry Reid remained as the majority leader in the Senate by a slimmer margin than before. I documented the results and drew some conclusions at the time.

Since that epic turnaround, things have ground to a halt. The legislative branch of government has been rendered completely ineffective. The balance of power has left them emasculated and historically unpopular with Americans nationwide. The House has proposed a boat load of legislation to reverse the effects of the first two years of the Obama presidency. Each measure has died in the Reid-controlled Senate. Stalemate. Round One. Mission accomplished to stop the reckless spending. However, the job is still incomplete. In order to repeal Obamacare it will take enough votes in the Senate.

What is needed next is another gamble, another leap of faith. This time around, the nation imperiled as never before by the reality of our fiscal crisis, stagnant economic growth, the resurgence of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, and mounting debt and deficits, can we as a people reverse course again and have any hope to turn things over to the Republicans? Will they banish their tax and spend tendencies once and for all? Will they have the will power to exercise power wisely? Can they be trusted?

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
Enter Mitt Romney. He survived a brutal primary season, vanquished all the pretenders, and now is poised to capture the presidency in less than thirty days. The momentum shift has been discernible, even by the liberal pundits who have begrudgingly admitted their man's defeat to Romney in the first debate. Most who are honest brokers have even admitted their disappointment at Joe Biden's debate performance last week against Paul Ryan. It seems, as it always does in close elections, that Americans are willing to take the risk. The preponderance of polling in the last few days suggests a sea change is coming to complete the take-back of the reins that began in 2010.

What remains ahead is first securing the victory on November 6th. It's really the only "poll" that counts. I predict a landslide for Romney. Why? It has little to do with Barack Obama's ethnicity, his country of origin, or his birth certificate. No, instead, it has everything to do with his illegitimacy as a leader of the free world. Further, the one thing a poll can never measure is the collective common sense of the American voter. Obama has had four years to make his case, and all he does is run from his record. Anyone with a legitimate case to make for his achievements would make it, wouldn't he? Instead, his incompetency, most recently illustrated by the terrorist attack against our embassy in Benghazi and the assassination of our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, can be framed most accurately by observing that his trip to Vegas to raise funds for his re-election campaign was more important.

The deliberate attempt by this administration to cover up the facts of that attack and mislead the American public, even the families of those who were slain, is shameful and deceitful. If they continue to assert they didn't know the facts at the time, they only add to the narrative of their complete ineptitude and reckless disregard for the truth. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have now engaged in finger-pointing. Determined not to destroy her chances for another possible run in 2016 with the taint of failure at Benghazi being laid at her doorstep, the Clintonistas are unsheathing the knives against the president. Once again, they have put on a full display of shameful and deceitful incompetence.

So the only logical conclusion a rational citizen of America could draw from all this seems to be the one that is now inescapable: Rather than vote for another four years of failed policies, this time around let's all gather together and vote for competency. Isn't it interesting how everyone seems to have set aside their religious differences, and are now united in defeating Barack Obama? The Republicans have a Mormon and a Catholic at the top of their ticket. Would you have predicted that a year ago? I certainly did not.

Mitt Romney may be rightly criticized for being a lame politician, as he has been many times in the last several years, but you may not have the luxury of criticizing him for his lack of willingness to offer himself and Paul Ryan as the only competent solution to all the big tasks ahead. They seem to be the only adults in the room. You can hammer them all you want politically, but they are the big boys here.

They're poised to take on the mother of all turnarounds. They need all our faith and prayers after they collect our votes.

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