Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obama's First Term - The Record

Take a look at these updated numbers (July 2012), and ask yourself the obvious question: Is this the POTUS who will lead us out of the economic quagmire with his failed policies?

Paul Ryan, the House Budget Chairman, adds this insight to the failed policies of this administration:

"The President recently suggested that a central government — not individuals — deserves the credit for building successful businesses. This sentiment makes for terrible economics, but also reveals a confused morality. In a free community, everyone co-operates by voluntarily offering unique gifts: some invent, some invest, others labor, or sell while customers reward the best producers and providers by buying their products and services. . . . A free economy and strong communities are the best means to reward effort with justice, to promote upward mobility, and to build solidarity among citizens. The President’s vision of a government-centered society — reflected in both his troubling rhetoric and his failed policies — belittles fair rewards for labor and enterprise."

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