Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Same Old Same Old SOTU Rhetoric

Talk about a broken record in an empty suit with seemingly no awareness that he's said the same thing over and over again without effect! This short video from the RNC (boy, they were fast getting this up) capsulizes what happened in this year's SOTU, compared with the same old stuff he's said before.

It's stunning how consistent Obama is in thinking Americans are totally mesmerized (they're not) by his stunning delivery of a speech. He demonstrates again how repetition from him seems to the polar opposite of inspiring conviction. Nobody's listening anymore. And no wonder why:

The failure of this presidency to address reality boggles the mind. We don't need a cheerleader in chief. What we need is a fixer with a Congress at his side who can get the nation moving again. As long as Obama is involved in his perpetual campaign mode instead of being focused on governing and bringing the disparate parties together, he will never become a successful leader. If we can only survive the summer and fall until an acceptable replacement can be found.

By the way, thanks for concluding with the reminder of your love for Seal Team 6 and your blood lust for killing bin Laden. Whoda thunk an appeaser and a pacifist could be such a lethal killer at heart, especially all that tough talk aimed at Iran and backing up Israel the way you did tonight, conveniently forgetting how you threw Netanyahu under the bus last year with your royal snub by demanding a return to 1967 borders.

Mr. President, with respect, you are a real piece of work!

If only. . .

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