Thursday, January 12, 2012

Political Quote of the Day

John R. Bolton
Anyone who is a careful observer of President Obama knows of his proclivity for verbosity and hyperbole. (He likes to give speeches, and lots of them). That's why this quote struck me when I read it today.

John Bolton, career diplomat in several Republican administrations (and a Newt Gingrich favorite) was interviewed yesterday about his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Jennifer Rubin, writing in her blog post at the Washington Post today, provides us with today's quote from John Bolton:

Bolton also told me about what voters should look for in a presidential candidate, basing his opinions on his years in government. “For judges, we talk about judicial temperament. For this, [Romney] has executive branch temperament and what you need in a crisis.” It is that lack of executive experience and temperament, Bolton said, that is so troubling in Obama. “Obama thinks being president consists of giving speeches.” But, Bolton said, what is critical is some broader executive experience as a governor, senior federal official or in the private sector. “It means starting at ‘A’ and getting to ‘B,’ ” he told me. He joked that that doesn’t mean “saying I want to get from A to B. That’s a speech.”

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