Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama's Biggest Mistake

I said it from the moment it was announced, and now even his most liberal stalwarts, looking back, are confirming the obvious. To be fair, there are a few who think Obamacare will jump-start the economy.

Obama's biggest mistake in the two and a half years of his presidency is Obamacare. The absence of a national mandate and a Congressional consensus from both political parties, the staggering costs associated with it and the way in which it was crammed down the throats of Americans proved to be all the stimulus needed to empower the Tea Party movement and revitalize normally complacent citizens.

Awakening the sleeping dog on the porch was a political miscalculation for which Obama rightly predicted he would be a one-term president. If the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional before the 2012 election (and I believe it will), Obamacare will yet be seen the way Howard Fineman sees it today.

In the annals of political theater this snippet will go down in history. Chris Matthews seems amazed at Fineman's response, yet Fineman is only stating the obvious to the rest of us. Wake up Chris.

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