Monday, August 15, 2011

Political Quote of the Day

This article could also pass for something I wish I had written. It drips with logic, truth and inescapable conclusions that are sound and worth repeating. Be sure to click on all the links for the background.

J.R. Dunn
Here's today's Political Quote of the Day from American Thinker's J.R. Dunn:

"Every liberal president fails. The more 'successful' he is, in the sense of actually putting his policies in place, the more clearly he reveals the emptiness of that bastard combination of socialism, Marxism, fascism, and Progressivism that goes under the name 'liberalism.'  Franklin Roosevelt triggered a second dip in the Great Depression in 1937, delivering America to the same wretchedness in which he found it upon taking office.  Lyndon Johnson threw the country into abject chaos for fifteen years with his 'Great Society,' essentially 'New Deal, the Sequel.'  Jimmy Carter... well, where do we start?"

In my more rational moments I become convinced that Barack Obama will be a one-term president and that America will reclaim the ground lost during his administration. I have no idea who the next occupant of the White House will be, but at this point I can accept nearly anyone as a possibility.

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