Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can You Say Bitter and Angry?

This is priceless -- I said Harry Reid looked like he was sucking sour lemons the other day on the Senate floor. . . well that was nothing compared to this.

The Republicans were sore "winners," but the Democrats have topped them all for being sore "losers."

Now I'm almost certain this compromise debt and spending deal must have been FANTASTIC because nearly everyone hates it. All we accomplished was avoiding default and a complete collapse for a little longer. And based on all the rhetoric coming from both sides about "stacking" the "super committee" with their strongest allies, look for Pelosi, Reid, Boehner and McConnell to pick twelve people who will go to war along the same ideological lines we've been witnessing.

It's progress, I guess, but there's nothing to gloat about on either side.

But, hey, this is a little over the top -- the tea party radicals are now terrorists who are strapping bombs to themselves to blow up the Capitol? Really? These people need a frontal lobotomy to stop the abuse of hyperbole.

Remember when President Obama called for cooling down the political rhetoric in the aftermath of the shooting involving Congresswoman Gabby Giffords? I wonder what our Commander in Chief would think about his VP Joe Biden and other Democrats and the willing minions in the main stream media, who have called Republicans "terrorists" and accused them of wanting to blow up the economy.

Give a listen and ask yourselves if any of them has risen to his challenge to reduce the vitriol in our political discussions.

This is classic. They're all parrots. No, it's hysterical to think anyone would even believe this garbage:

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