Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The 2011 Budget Pie Debate

I've always believed a good picture is worth a thousand words. That's why this illustration is so perfect. It requires no further explanation (click to enlarge):

To be clear, this budget pie represents the debate over Obama's 2011 budget, and only yesterday the House introduced the 2012 budget for consideration. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats in their debate over which amount of budget cuts to adopt -- $61 Billion or $33 Billion -- is really serious yet about budget, debt and deficit reform. Those numbers are well represented here by a few crumbs.

Obama with full majorities in both houses of Congress did not even submit a budget in 2010, and the government has been operating on temporary "continuing resolutions" ever since. That is a losing strategy no one believes is sustainable, at least among conservatives.

I know the average Joe American doesn't focus on this stuff on a daily basis, which is exactly why we keep kicking the can down the road with no one stepping up to the plate and telling Americans the truth. I maintain anyone with an average education can look at this picture and completely understand what's at stake here.

But answer me this: How in blazes can the POTUS, Barack Obama, seriously believe people are this stupid? Would we ever sit still for a leader who presents a budget with a straight face and tries to tell us we can somehow conjure up 43% over and above what we're going to bring in?

And I'm not just picking on Obama -- Dick Cheney was advocating paying for wars out of money we didn't have as a nation and telling us, "Deficits don't matter." Bush forever tainted his legacy with TARP and bailouts that set the stage for what followed in multiples that have staggered us. And now explain to me how people who are screaming, "It just ain't so, Mr. President," can be considered "extremists?" If that's "extreme," then let's all enlist in the extremist category.

Tell me why it seems so hard to get it figured out among elected representatives of the people who are sick and tired of politics as usual?

Kudos to Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and others who are telling it straight!

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