Sunday, March 27, 2011

Political Quote of the Day

There are many voices on the political landscape today who openly ask, "Is there a massive deception at work, or can America be saved?" I am one who firmly believes the answer to that question is "YES!"

President Barack Obama
Here's another:

"It has been difficult and heart-rending to watch over the years what has happened to a nation we have all come to love. In order to awaken at least a part of the populace it has taken an imminent financial and societal disaster and the election of President Obama, who personifies the excesses of the past sixty years. He is someone steeped in radical re-distributionist ideology; he is dishonest, as he is a believer in the end justifies any means; and he is dominated by an overweening narcissism. Mr. Obama is the epitome of someone with a lack of character, as manifested in his indecisiveness and willingness to destroy America's future in order to permanently seize control over the citizenry.

"Replacing the President by electing politicians who will make some cuts in spending or modifying entitlement programs may delay but will not save America from eventually entering the annals of the rise and fall of great nations. The only factor that can truly alter the future is a change in the hearts and minds of the people and their leaders. The foibles of human nature are hard to overcome without a massive national catastrophe as a catalyst.

"The founders of the United States were aware of the failings of mankind and as a result tried to establish a government structure which mitigated those traits. That structure is still in place, but are there national leaders willing to risk their ambitions in order to tell their constituents the awful truth? That the future of the United States is dependent not only upon immediate changes in fiscal policy, but more importantly the people and their leaders must re-constitute American society wherein honor, integrity, self-reliance, restraint, and respect for one's neighbor are paramount. These attributes will also ultimately solve the nation's long-term financial woes and insure the future. Unless the country does so, it will inevitably join the likes of Rome and other nations on the ash heap of history." (Emphasis mine).

-- Steve McCann (click the link to read the whole article)

On other occasions I have commented about the need for optimism not pessimism in the face of the altering landscape of American politics. Here's one example. Here's another. And, yet another. I'm not Polyanna, but there's still plenty of room to be of good cheer.

Keeping faith with America in its promise for freedom, liberty and opportunity is what we must continue to fight for, believe in and be willing to work for. We cannot sit idly by and wring our hands over the depressing problems of war, debt and deficit spending we face. As long as we remain in "victim" thinking we are doomed. We can rise above it with a little faith, hope and optimism by controlling our "stinkin' thinkin'" that would destroy us.

Earlier this morning I tweeted an article I read about a young fruit vendor in Tunisia, one man, who touched off the revolutions now toppling dictators everywhere. The whole Muslim world is in an uproar in the Middle East. It all started with a humble street vendor who would suffer the abuse no longer.

So don't try to tell me one person can't change a nation. It's still happening, and it's still possible in America today. No one knows better than America how to bring about change for the better. Maybe it won't take a young man torching himself to bring us back to reality. But it will take everyone working to make constructive changes in the way we do business here. The transformative leaders in America are on the way, and not a moment too soon. The citizens are also finding their truth. It's an exciting time in American history, and we're living it! The Republic was designed for times like these!

There is hope, there is a future for America, and together we can achieve the seemingly impossible. It's been done before, and as long as America remains a nation it is still and always the last best hope of mankind as we collectively prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (Click the link for a discussion about the Mormon beliefs in eschatology compared to other world religions).

Ultimately, that's where this is all going. . . get on board. You are among friends.

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