Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mike Lee on the Budget Cuts

Neil Cavuto of Fox Business News discovers just how serious Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is about the budget cuts. Mike tweeted earlier tonight he will vote NO for the pending two week "continuing resolution" and ask for a roll call vote to flesh out who's on which side of the question.

The showdown is shaping up. Voting for a continuing resolution to fund the government is what politicians do to keep running temporarily (been doing it for years now), when they don't have the guts to tackle the underlying spending cuts needed to halt the growth in debt and deficit spending.

Just the interest on the debt alone is staggering -- in ten more years estimated to be $1 Trillion a year!

The fact that Lee, the youngest senator in Washington today, is in front of the cameras carrying this fight to like-minded Americans tells you all you need to know about why new blood in the process is so essential -- the old dogs aren't going to change anything unless or until they get a clear signal from the folks that it's what they want.

In a classic quote he says, "Extending the debt for two weeks is like trimming the bushes in front of the house that's burning."

Cavuto gets Lee to admit there will "probably" be a very contentious fight over whether or not the nation will continue on the same path doing business as usual, or whether it's time to shut it down until the Balanced Budget Amendment can be passed before any further discussion about raising the debt ceiling.

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