Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mike Lee on Budget Cuts

John Stossel can hardly believe it, but Mike Lee (R-UT) couldn't be more serious.  Stossel thinks Obama's proposed budget is a laugher when it comes to cutting the budget.  The proposed cuts don't even make a dent.  Lee and others are suggesting going much deeper, including the ridiculous funding of the Department of Education and farm subsidies.  When the cupboard is bare and there isn't any money left, Lee says stop the intergenerational theft and impose "straight jacket" restraints on federal spending. 

He comes to Washington with no obligations to anyone but the voters who sent him there.  No one I know can even imagine these words and this level of commitment coming out of the mouth of his predecessor.  It's why Utah sent "Mr. Smith" to Washington.

Make no mistake about his intentions and his resolve.  Mike Lee will get this job done, as new leadership emerges and the junior senator shows everyone the path back to fiscal sanity.  He intends to lead a filibuster if necessary on the pending proposal to raise the national debt ceiling until there is an up or down vote on his balanced budget amendment.

Good for you, Mike!

Here's a story discussing the struggle to define the Constitution.  The struggle for freedom from oppressive government intervention in the lives of America's citizens goes on.  Nothing has changed since the document was first penned.  David Brooks, once an unabashed and vocal fan of Obama, now writes in The New York Times that he is dismayed, that Obama is not the leader he had hoped he would become because his current budget merely "kicks the can" down the street and does not address the systemic weaknesses we now face because of our irresponsible spending and debt as a country.

Brooks concludes, after noting what a failure Obama has been in his leadership, "So the mantle of leadership has passed to Capitol Hill. While Obama asked for patience yet again, Eric Cantor announced that Republicans will put entitlements on the table. It may be politically risky, but it looks more like leadership to me."

All I can say to Brooks is "me too."  Stay tuned as the debate on Capitol Hill rages into 2011 and beyond.  Count on Mike Lee to be right in the middle of it and putting forward the leadership David Brooks and the rest of America is so hungry and desperate to discover.  .

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