Saturday, February 26, 2011

Economics 101, Professor Rand Paul

This exchange between freshman Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and David Letterman tells you everything you need to know about snarky liberal comedians and Tea Party/Republicans. It's Econ 101 for beginners in simple understandable, non-technical terms. The audience, however, applauds in all the wrong places:

I'm not certain how long it's going to take, but the liberal agenda is on full display here and those who are preaching small government and private sector are eventually going to prevail.  Why?  Because when Letterman and other liberals keep saying "tax the rich" to pay for everything under the sun there will come a day when the rich will no longer be able to afford the agenda.


  1. That was awesome. Not Letterman's most astute moment, eh? I have to say that I'm amazed that people think we can "fix" public education by throwing more money at it. In the words of my dear friend who's a former public education teacher turned attorney, "Throwing more money at education in an attempt to fix the systemic problems is like giving a chain-smoking lung cancer patient a piece of gum." It's just not going to cut it.

  2. Rand Paul got what he deserved in his rambling attempt at an Economics lesson. Yes, Letterman's pathetic economic illiteracy is on full display, as well as his lack of character in attacking Paul's position after he left. But the strategy to descend into the morass of popular culture in order to pull people out of it to higher ground will never work. Attempting to ingratiate yourself with it makes one look desperate for approval and not at all serious. It's a setup for mockery and further rejection. But it happens time and again, and they go on naively as ever.

    Real statesmen don't do that. They don't assume that they can go on a forum that is not at all serious and talk about serious issues seriously. They know not to cast their pearls before swine.

    You must take your message to the people, but you must know where not to go too. A wise missionary know this.