Saturday, December 18, 2010

MoTab Christmas Concert with David Archuleta

We were lucky enough to win again (thanks to Mel, Kris and Mer) in this year's annual version of the Mormon lottery -- tickets to the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  This year's featured guests were David Archuleta and Michael York.

The tickets are given away by the Church in a lottery to registered applicants, then (particularly this year) some were resold for ridiculous prices on E-bay.  Having a big family with lots of applicants scattered all over the country is all you really need to win, we've discovered.

It was a delicious treat for the eyes, ears and soul.  It's hard to put into words what you feel when you settle into your seat on a cold winter's night with 21,000 of your closest friends to feast on the Christmas spirit with the MoTab.  The orchestra and choir is sufficient, but throw in David Archuleta and Michael York for good measure and it's hard to compare!

The music is heavenly, the stage was a brilliant splash of a Christmas fantasy land (I especially loved the houses that looked like gingerbread houses, one of our favorite holiday traditions at our house), and Michael York's narration of the story about the early beginnings of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was moving and emotional.  John Parry is not a name I had ever associated with the choir, and that's why it was so inspiring.

Here's the story in the Deseret News this morning about the concert.

David Archuleta
Of course, the featured artist was Utah's own David Archuleta.  Wow, what a voice!  It's about as pure as it gets.  I loved his rendition of the not-too-familiar carol, the "Cat and the Mouse."  It was a magical evening filled with song, dance, narration, orchestration, lighting, stage decorations and uplifting and inspiring music.  Mack Wilberg's peerless arrangements (seven on this year's program) continue to impress and delight.

Richard Elliott on the organ when he cranks it up with both feet and both hands flying over the keyboards of the organ is something to behold!  He's a true virtuoso.  He did a variation of "Deck the Halls" you have never heard anywhere else.    He continued to play as we exited the building after the concert's conclusion.

So be prepared to enjoy another Christmas treat next year when it's released to the public and PBS television.  This year's offering on CD and DVD was last year's concert with Natalie Cole and David McCullough.

The MoTab has entered another realm of musical excellence.


  1. Wish we could have been there! (And an edit - "throw" not "through" :-) Just in case you wanted an editor)

  2. I just corrected before I saw it, and yes, I always need an editor no matter how many times I proof read ;-)

  3. My MoTab Christmas Moment: My bro/sis in-law won the lottery two years in a row. The second year, they gave us the tickets. The guests were The King's Singers, I was super-excited, nobody else in my family knew about them, but I've been a big fan for years. Went to the CC to meet the family. When I arrived, I met my wife in the concourse and saw two older children with very pained faces, sick to their stomach. She took them home and later got sick herself. I had to take the younger ones home, halfway on public transport. "Are you guys sure you're sick?" They proved it on the way home. I was spared because I refused to eat the pizza my wife brought home the night before. Well, at least she learned a lesson.

    Saw the video, didn't think much of it. Not sure if it was due to the setting/context not right for the KS, or the rock-video-like editing that I found irritating.

    Ahh, Christmas memories...

  4. The King's Singers have been a longtime favorite -- I liked their first Christmas album, but lost it somewhere. It was better than the second one they made. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

  5. he did so so good im very grateful he got to come he defiantly has the light of christ in him he is so sweet and sang with the spirit