Sunday, October 3, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Love General Conference

President Thomas S. Monson
1.  What other church on earth lets you participate via television and the Internet four days a year in your jammies?

2.  The subjects for talks are never assigned, but are reviewed in advance by peers so the inspiration can flow freely at each spring and autumn equinox.

3.  The soaring transcendency of the Tabernacle Choir's music is enhanced as never before because of the arranging genius of Mack Wilberg.

4.  Living prophets are speaking about timely current topics, quoting dead prophets to illustrate how their prophetic utterances have come to pass.

5.  The focus is always on the basic doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ without the accompanying specious speculation and debate that sometimes ensues outside the Church.

6.  There is always a sense of being anchored in Christ despite the depravity of worldliness permeating everything else as new temples dotting the globe are announced to help cleanse the filth and establish Zion.

7.  The diverse ethnicity among the leaders of the Church is more evident now than ever before, but the unity of the faith has never been stronger among the members as more volunteers consecrate their service to one another and total strangers worldwide.

8.  Every General Priesthood meeting sets a new attendance record as priesthood power and influence expands and floods the earth with goodness and righteousness.

9.  Each new General Conference reignites memories of past lessons learned.

10.  It's a "refill" of your spiritual reservoirs that's good enough to last six months until the next one.

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