Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's the Spending, Stupid -- Part Deux

Recently, I posted with a headline, "It's About the Spending, Stupid!"  Today, the headline was repeated by Daniel Henninger in The Wall Street Journal and bolstered with even more recent polling data from Rasmussen to back up the claim.

"Look at the astonishing numbers in the Rasmussen poll released last week. Nearly seven in 10 respondents (68%) want a smaller government, lower taxes and fewer services. The party breakdown: GOP, 88%; Democrats, 44%; and Other, 74%. In short, the independent voters who decide national elections have moved into the anti-spending column. I don't think they'll leave any time soon.

"In a note on last week's poll, Rasmussen points out that the only time it recorded a higher shrink-the-government number, at 70%, was in August 2006. That was just ahead of the famous off-year election in which Republican voters withheld support for their party's free-spending members in Congress."

In a prior post I talked about how Obama had lost the middle.  It wasn't wishful thinking -- the numbers are proving it now.

Peggy Noonan observed as much in her column today.  She talked about pendulums swinging in a shorter and quicker political arc than ever before, as I did in a prior post.  There is something MONUMENTAL about to happen in America on November 2nd.

Yikes!  National commentators are making all my earlier predictions come true!

We are increasingly a country of one heart and one mind regardless of political party, and I like it.  You can be part of it too, but you have to get out and vote this year.  You have to help put an end to spending.  You have to vote for people who will scale back government.  The Republicans couldn't ever do it, and the Democrats couldn't ever do it. 

But you can.  Because the government is what you say it is.  You have to stop those who would perpetuate the status quo of profligate borrowing and spending.  We are the people who founded this government.  It will yield to our will.

Change is on the way, and this time it will be change YOU can believe in. 

And because YOU believe, YOU will do it.

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