Saturday, July 10, 2010

Morgan Philpot -- Utah 2nd District's Next Congressman

Now that Mike Lee is the Utah Republican Senate nominee, we turn our attention to Morgan Philpot in the 2nd Congressional District in his race against incumbent (there's that dirty word again) Jim Matheson.

It will come as no surprise -- I am endorsing Morgan Philpot for anyone who cares (I don't think endorsements mean much, by the way).  Back in May, I went on the record that I felt Philpot could beat Matheson in a straight up contest without encouraging cross-over votes in the Democratic primary for Claudia Wright. 

I was pleased he came out of convention and escaped a primary runoff (he won by only one vote).  His convention victory is a cautionary tale for every politician and every concerned citizen -- EVERY vote counts, even yours, this year.

At the convention my friend Jim North and I were so impressed with the quality of candidates who are willing to put themselves on the ballot for consideration.  Those who blandly sit on the sidelines and complain there is no one acceptable to vote for would have been similarly disposed as we were at the convention.  Morgan Philpot is just such a quality candidate.  He deserves our support.

There can be little doubt America is watching this race between Philpot and Matheson.

Flip 41

Forty-one votes. That is the magic number of swing votes that has enabled the Democrats in Washington DC to push through Obamacare, multiple stimulus bills and a reckless financial reform bill (to name a few). This November, a change in just 41 seats in Congress will help reverse the tide of wasteful spending and one-size-fits-all federal “solutions” and help put America’s budget and economy back on solid ground.

One of those critical swing seats is Utah’s 2nd Congressional District race, a seat currently held by one of those enabling gang of 41 Democrats.

Utah’s ability to affect the political landscape in Washington DC rests with one race in Utah: Utah’s 2nd Congressional District seat. A GOP victory in Utah will help ensure that Republicans retake the House in January 2011, thus ending the monopoly of power held by Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

A vote for Morgan Philpot on November 2 is a vote for a change from the status quo and a vote for putting America back on a fiscally and economically sound track.

What You Can Do

We are asking each of you for just three things: 1) Cast your vote for Morgan Philpot on November 2nd, 2) Become a Philpot Phan and join the ranks of a growing number of committed volunteers, and 3) Make a donation to Morgan’s campaign.

Together we can take back the House.

Morgan is pleased to call Utah home. He and his wife Natalie, a native of Sandy, Utah, graduated from the University of Utah and lived in the heart of Salt Lake county for several years. While there, Morgan was able to represent his neighbors in Utah House District 45. He now lives in the Utah County portion of Congressional District 2.

Growing up, Morgan was active in Scouting and rose to the rank of Eagle. He was involved in high school sports and school government. As a young boy, Morgan was raised primarily by his mother who spent several years parenting seven children on her own. Starting with his first “real” job picking strawberries at age 9, he quickly learned independence and self reliance. He knows the value of balancing a budget and of making decisions based on how much money you actually have, not how much you wish you had.

While attending the University of Utah, he earned degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. During that time, he and his wife were able to serve internships in Washington D.C. for the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the Supreme Court respectively.

After graduating from college, Morgan took a job as the new account sales manager for a Salt Lake fabrication company. Two years later, Morgan ran in a hotly contested race for State Representative of Utah House District 45 (Sandy, Salt Lake County, Midvale) with the motto “Freedom, Family, Future”. He put together a strong, effective grassroots campaign and in 2000, at the age of 28, he became one of the youngest state legislators in the Utah House.

As a State Representative, Morgan didn’t hesitate to take strong stands on tough issues. He consistently led the fight against wasteful government spending, championed life, second amendment rights and free market principles. He sought creative and innovative ways to improve public education and was the lead sponsor of the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship, a bill that created an educational voucher program. This law has opened new avenues to a better education for Utah’s families with special-needs children and now serves over 500 individuals. While in the legislature, Morgan was granted the “Friend of the Taxpayer” award by the Utah Taxpayer’s Association and the “Guardian of Small Business” award by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Morgan was also one of the founding members of the House Conservative Caucus.

In 2004, Morgan chose to leave the legislature and attend the Ave Maria School of Law, a school dedicated to life, the rule of law, and the U.S. Constitution. While there, he was privileged to learn from such influential minds as Judge Robert Bork and Charles Rice.

Upon completion of law school Morgan clerked for Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Morgan served as the in-house legal counsel for a Utah business for two years and is now a consultant with a private company in Sandy.

In addition to his legislative service Morgan has also volunteered his time to Scouting, Church, and Utah politics. He has served as a State delegate, County delegate, State Central Committee member, Executive Committee member and most recently as the Vice-Chair of the Utah Republican Party.

Morgan has enjoyed sharing his love of ancient history with his children through rock-hounding, camping and hiking in many areas of rural Utah. His family also enjoys gardening and reading together. Morgan currently lives in American Fork with his wife and five children.

Morgan believes that his real life struggles and experiences uniquely qualify him to serve the families of Utah as the next Congressman from the Second District.

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