Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike Lee poll results. . .

From an astute political observer -- never trust one source, look at a lot of sources.  Here's a good one with recent poll results showing Mike Lee with a big lead going into the nominating convention. 

Here's The Salt Lake Tribune poll result.

There is only one question remaining -- will Mitt Romney's nominating speech on behalf of Bob Bennett make any difference in the hearts and minds of the delegates.  I'm betting his appearance will have ZERO impact, though I've seen the emotions run high at previous conventions many years ago. 

I think Mike Lee has a very good chance to sweep the nomination and avoid the primary when the other candidates see the handwriting on the wall and release their delegates to vote for Lee. 

Here's a thought:  Bennett could take a page out of Mitt's book and end up being the king maker at the convention.  If he throws in the towel and names Mike Lee as his logical successor at the convention, he would preserve whatever dignity he has left and the memory of a positive legacy for his three terms. 

Shoot, when you're in your 77th year, what have you got to lose?  Why not invest a little statesmanship into that legacy?  All it takes is a little grace and humility. 

What about it, Senator Bennett, are you up to it? 

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