Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike Lee -- the momentum is palpable

Here's the latest update from the campaign to all the insiders, volunteers and delegates to the state nominating convention -- I share it with all of you. . .  back in January when I endorsed Mike Lee no one knew who he was.  What a difference a few weeks can make!

Dear Mike Lee Supporters and Delegates,

As convention approaches, state delegates and supporters of each candidate are getting excited, curious, anxious, and everything in-between! During these final moments before the convention, it can become quite easy to let our passions take over and lead us to say things that we should not. Mike has strongly encouraged all of his staff and supporters to "play nice" by treating other candidates, their staff, and their supporters with the same respect and understanding that we would like to receive as well. The golden rule applies, even and especially to political campaigns!

Mike firmly believes that we should be arguing ideas and issues, not people. As you interact with others at conventions, cottage meetings, on Facebook, other websites, or wherever, please remember to be courteous and positive! Remember that you are, in a way, an extension of Mike's campaign. Please reflect positively on him by being positive yourself. Most of you have done a fantastic job at this — and many of you have commented that you were attracted to Mike's campaign because he always stays positive — but we want to ensure that our entire campaign can reflect that as well.

Two weeks left to convention!

We are excited as the race continues to heat up; support everywhere Mike goes is phenomenal! At the Utah County Convention he simply stepped to the podium and got a huge applause. That died down, he gave his name, and then another huge applause with cheering. Mike then gave a great speech which many obviously liked, as Mike came out way on top with 41% of the straw poll taken among the ~1,200 county delegates who participated. His message rings true. His ability to make a difference is evident. Mike is the right one for the job and he will represent Utah well!

A debate in Salt Lake was held Saturday night. Another straw poll was taken where only state delegates could vote. After three rounds of balloting, where only two candidates are voted upon in the third round (to simulate the state convention), Mike won with 62% of the vote! An interesting note is that the Holiday Republican Club, who organized the event, boasts that over the past ten years, their delegate straw poll has successfully predicted the outcome of the state convention every time with only one exception!

Similar receptions were given to Mike in Uintah, Duchesne, Millard, Juab and Tooele County Conventions. Unfortunately, he fell sick for the Emery and Carbon County Conventions and wishes he could have been there. Mike always seems to be mobbed at these events and is often the last one to leave because there are so many people wanting to meet and ask Mike questions.

Thank you!

Again, a huge thank you goes out to all of our fantastic volunteers. We could not keep this campaign moving forward at such an incredible pace without so many wonderful volunteers who are ready to jump in and do whatever is required of them. We would especially like to thank those who arrived at this weekend's conventions before the sun was up and spent long hours smiling, passing out literature, and telling everyone why they like Mike. We love all of our dedicated, positive volunteers!

Convention help needed

Are you a state delegate who is wondering what you can do to help at the convention? Would you like to attend the convention even though you are not able to serve as a delegate this year? Do you want to give your children the opportunity to participate in the exciting atmosphere of the convention for a few hours to feel what it is like when good people come together to nominate good representatives?

We need you! This year's convention is going to be charged with excitement and we need an army of volunteers to keep that enthusiasm going. We have jobs for delegates, non-delegates, and even children (during credentialing only). While we will need help all day long, if you are only able to stay for part of the day we can still use you. We will also need help placing signs and setting up our booth very early Saturday morning. If you would like to become involved in the convention, please contact Jennifer James (, 801-300-8782) ASAP with as much information about how and when you would like to help as possible. Please invite your family and friends to come along to volunteer, too.

We will send out more information about the convention soon. You can also find convention information at   We hope to see all of you there!

Momentum moving forward

A recent article highlighting a poll that resulted in Mike's favor had this to say:

"The delegate poll "is great news," Lee said. "But we will take nothing for granted."

Lee said he'll keep meeting with delegates "almost 24 hours a day right up to May 8. We're going to run like we are way behind."

This is a campaign all full of volunteers. You can see the power of volunteers as we catch the attention of not only local media, but national media as well. We can win this as we all "run like we are way behind."

The best course is the present course. On to victory!

Bill Lee
Field Director
Mike Lee for Senate
(801) 722-4646

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