Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fixing a Broken Federal Government TODAY

Find out why the buzz about Mike Lee is gaining momentum and the bandwagon is getting bigger every day.  There's plenty of room for everyone on this bandwagon, and it's time you were on board with us. 

From the Mike Lee campaign -- a clear message and a call to action:

Dear David,

In a recent Fox News opinion poll conducted April 20-21st, 58% of all Americans and 75% of Republicans said they believed that the federal government is broken. The poll also noted that 68% of all citizens disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

How do you fix a broken Congress? It may not be as difficult as it sounds or seems. It starts by electing a new generation of leaders who are willing to not put off until tomorrow the hard and difficult decisions that need to be made today.

Politicians who have been in Washington too long continually focus on tomorrow -- not because tomorrow is better, but because tomorrow never really comes in Washington. Today's problems are perpetually pushed off to be paid for and dealt with at a later time. With no tomorrow to deal with today, they:

•Incur trillions of dollars in debt, which they claim can be paid for tomorrow.
•Put off eliminating bankrupt entitlement programs for tomorrow.
•Postpone addressing the drain of illegal immigration on our nation until tomorrow.
•Refuse to balance the budget and end pork-barrel earmark spending -- because that, too, can be done tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow in Washington, which is why the U.S. Senate needs Mike Lee today!

•Mike Lee will reject deficit spending today
•Mike Lee will start the repeal of government-run health care today
•Mike Lee will begin to retire career politicians with term limits today
•Mike Lee will reduce government regulation today
•Mike Lee will restore the constitutional debate in Congress today

We can no longer put off fixing a broken federal government and Congress until tomorrow. Change in Washington begins with change in Utah today.

Elect Mike Lee to the U.S. Senate – with your vote, tomorrow starts today!

Updates from the campaign:

•See Mike's new video segment about a Supreme Court building thermostat and a related observation about how Congress works.
•Radio talk show host Mark Levin recently endorsed our campaign.
•Radio talk show host Glenn Beck praised our campaign's efforts this week to restore the constitutional debate to Congress.  [Beck said the Republican Party is attempting to suppress voices like Mike Lee's because as an independent thinker Lee threatens to disrupt the status quo Senator Bennett cherishes.  In this one instance I wholeheartedly agree with Glenn Beck and Bennett will pay for it -- sorry my blogger program doesn't support an audio file.]
•New post: Afghanistan and National Defense.
•Mike was the first congressional candidate in the country to sign the Contract From America.
Upcoming events:

•“Meet Mike” in West Valley City, Friday 4/23, 10am - 11:30am, 4740 South 4100 South
•“Meet Mike” in South Jordan, Friday 4/23, 12pm - 1:30pm, South Jordan Library
•Tooele County Convention, Friday 4/23, 6pm - 8:30pm, Fireman’s Museum, Tooele
•Meet the Candidates, Friday 4/23, 6pm - 9pm, South Town Expo Center, Sandy
•Salt Lake County Convention, Saturday 4/24, 8am - 3pm, South Town Expo Center, Sandy
•Utah County Convention, Saturday 4/24, 11am - 5pm, Mountain View High School, Orem
•“Meet Mike” in Kaysville, Saturday 4/24, 2pm - 4pm, 1149 West Hanline Circle, Kaysville
•Salt Lake City Debate, Saturday 4/24, 6pm - 8pm, Salt Lake County Council Chambers, SLC

For details on these and other upcoming events, please consult our events page on the website.

P.S. Be sure to connect with us on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to keep up with the latest updates from our campaign!

Please join me in supporting the next Senator from Utah -- Mike Lee.  I will do everything I can to assure his sweep at the state nominating convention on May 8th.

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