Sunday, March 28, 2010

Visualization of BIG NUMBERS

This representation will help dramatically with your BIG NUMBER vizualization problem.  Click on the link. 

Knowing that we all suffer from this problem, the President does a very effective job of helping us to THINK that $100,000,000 in budget cuts he proposed way back in April 2009 was a big deal.  He just has to say the words and we're impressed, it seems.  But what do you think after watching the video? 

Are you beginning to get the vizualization more clearly defined in your mind now of what adding $1 Tillion in the country's debt really means?  Can you even begin to understand why the course this government is pursuing in its monetary and fiscal policies is unsustainable? 

Instead of being depressed about it, do as I am doing.  Help to be part of the solution to the problem.  We can do it.  WE THE PEOPLE can begin again, we can give rebirth to our nation, we can unite in solidarity and re-enthrone self-determination instead of government entitlements and endless bailouts. 

The war in heaven continues here. . .  and the question of agency is still on the table.

And always, always remember and never forget, "It is always morning in America!"

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