Thursday, March 25, 2010

Utah State Convention Balloting

I've had several phone calls and e-mails asking for more information about the balloting process at the upcoming Utah Republican Convention.

Here's the simple explanation, since so many are confused about how it might play out. 

At the convention, a first round of balloting will eliminate all the contestants but the top three vote getters.

The next round will eliminate one candidate.

In the third round, only the top two will compete. If any contestant in any of the rounds of balloting achieves 60 percent of the vote at any time, he or she becomes the de facto nominee; otherwise, the final two candidates will face each other in a primary.

I hope that clarifies.

The funny thing about the "morning after" calculus is that everyone is claiming victory.  Clearly, the big loser has to be Senator Bennett, based upon the uprising that has been widely reported in the social media reports.  The candidates are all customarily optimistic at this point, and as a newly-elected state delegate I expect to be lobbied heavily between now and the convention day. 

I will restate my position once again.  Don't bother getting in touch with me unless you are from the Mike Lee campaign.  If he falters, my precinct favors Tim Bridgewater then Cherilyn Eagar in that order, and I will not fail to express their wishes in my voting.  I am not impressed when people say they will go into the convention "with an open mind."  Those people are too easily swayed by the emotions of the moment, and having been there and done that in the past, I can assure the emotions are running high.

Senator Bennett, my friend, I wish you had made the decision to gracefully step aside and retire.  You are going to be 77 years old on election day (born September 18, 1933).  The New York Times reported today that even your own sister could not be seated as a state delegate from her precinct when she announced her support for you.  Your own polling data indicates you are running third behind "Anybody But Bennett," and "Undecided."  You are now dead last in the hearts and minds of your former constituents.  But you know what?  It's still not too late.  Please step down now and avoid the abject embarrassment that awaits you at the state convention.

But who am I?  I'm just a nobody who doesn't count in your delusional tilt with the windmills.  Come to think of it, that's exactly who you remind me of -- Don Quixote de la Mancha -- in pursuit of the "Impossible Dream." 

What a sad, sad spectre you have become.

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  1. Just learned today that Bennett's son was not seated as a state delegate either. Bennett asked for one term from the voters in 1992, then another, then another after decrying the practice of "career politicians." Back then he disavowed them, now he are one. It's so sad not to know when to say when. I do not relish the barbeque at the state convention that's coming. . .