Monday, February 15, 2010

Political Quote of the Day

Today I finished reading Seven Miracles That Saved America, an inspiring reminder of the subtitle "Why They Matter and Why We Should Have Hope."

What we need in this country is more voices of light like this one.  I have a good friend in Mark Van Wagoner, a seasoned broadcaster, radio voice and on-screen veteran, who aspires to become a "voice of light."  It is his signature desire and aspiration.  In the meantime while he waits for his dreams to be fulfilled, he is one of our Professional Placement Program instructors in the Professional Career Workshop and he walks the walk of his dreams and aspirations.  He is truly a voice of light to all around him.  If you are looking to find a new job, I strongly encourage you to enroll in one of his workshops.

This book, authored by Chris and Ted Stewart, is just such a "voice of light" in today's topsy-turvy political landscape.  I recommend the book without reservation.

It is from a review of the book by Carma Wadley that appeared in this morning's Deseret Morning News that today's political quote of the day comes.  It inspired me as I recalled the contents of the book, and I hope it produces the same result with all my readers:

A lot of people worry about all the bad things that are happening in the world, they say. "Many people think America may no longer be worthy of God's help," says Chris. But, at what percentage of unbelief does God give up on us? he asks. If it's 51 percent believers and 49 percent nonbelievers, are we OK? If the scale tips to 51 percent nonbelievers, are we done?

There are precedents in the Bible that say no, he says. "But we want to encourage people who still believe to stand up for their beliefs; we want them to know they are not alone. Our country is not perfect. But most of us look at the people in our lives, and they are good people. I've lived all over in the military and met a lot of good people, who try to do right. Sometimes, I think we don't give enough credit to what is good in this country. . ."

As they began to think about a book and as they started researching stories, the Stewarts realized another very important thing: America has a unique role. "It is the source of democracy in the world. We believe that is important to God, and that is why he protects us," Ted says. "And if that is true, we have every reason to have hope for the future."

As they write in the book, "This country was too important to the future of mankind to let it fail. Despite our weaknesses, which are many, and our failings, which have existed since our inception, God has been willing to intervene so that this nation might survive. History gives us the ultimate assurance that God still watches over this country today."


  1. This is the same sentiment that I have as a father of three (soon to be four) amazing kids - that despite my weaknesses and failings, God has such big plans for them that they cannot be held back by their foolish father...

    Sounds like a great book.

  2. Over the weekend I received the following e-mail that I want to share with everyone. Apparently even in Australia the Internet picks up readers of this page! What a marvelous age in which we live:

    Hi Brother Goates,

    I served in the Australia Adelaide Mission and Scott Strong was my mission president. I was excited to read Power and Covenants, after I received a copy when my time in Adelaide concluded. It is now well worn and since my marriage a year ago, my wife has greatly enjoyed it also. You can imagine my added excitement when I recently stumbled upon your blog! I am working my way through your posts and am really grateful that you have taken the time to post your thoughts and insights on so many things. What a treasure trove of light!

    I live in Sydney so I find it difficult to get gospel books shipped here for an affordable price, but I find eBay a great resource (picking up many second-hand gems) and LDS Library invaluable. I would be incredibly appreciative if you could take the time to send me the PDF file for "A Complete Compilation of the Scriptures Concerning the Subject of Zion" and any other electronic materials you would feel happy to send me.

    All the best, kind regards
    -Justin Crosbie

  3. I would like to second Justin's comment above. I had the opportunity to hear Brother Strong speak at BYU several years ago and have never forgotten his words. I have a copy of what I believe is your manuscript "Power and Covenants". It is amazing. I have encouraged my returned missionary son to read it as well.

    I was thrilled to find your blog and am working my way through it. I also would love to have a copy of any other material you have written. Thank you so much for your willingness to teach and share.

    Also do you know if Brother Strong will be speaking at Education Week again? He was so kind to take time with my friend and I to discuss the Gospel.

    Julie Brown