Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat

The people have spoken!  This was an unbelievable and totally improbable victory for the people!  Democrats and Independents turned against President Obama.

Scott Brown, an unknown state senator who filed to run in heavily Democratic Massachusetts in the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy's death won tonight.

The citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have not voted for a Republican for President since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Barack Obama carried Massachusetts by 26 points! Tonight, Brown won this special election by six points -- talk about improbable!  It's stunning.

There could be no state in America considered more "blue" than Massachusetts.  One week ago, nobody counting the votes and eying the poll numbers before the election believed that the seat held by Ted Kennedy for almost half a century could possibly fall into Republican hands.  If you calculate the time his older brother, John F. Kennedy, held the seat, it's over a half century! 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, clueless as ever, vows to plunge ahead with their agenda to pass the bill despite this outcome.  Her seat's not in jeopardy.  But Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority, leader trails in the polls in Nevada by 10 points, yet he too has pledged to continue the fight to put a healthcare reform bill on the President's desk.  Are they listening to the voters yet?  Apparently not.  They don't seem capable of listening to the will of the people, and their calculations haven't caught up with the poll results tonight.

Well, Scott Brown proved them all wrong. He didn’t win Ted Kennedy’s seat. He won the people’s seat. And Martha Coakley wasn’t the only one who lost tonight. Do not underestimate what this victory signals.  This outcome is a direct rejection of President Obama’s far left agenda.  On the anniversary of his first year in office his approval ratings have plummeted.  Why?  America just isn't as radical and liberal as Obama's handlers thought. 

The election tonight won't totally end the efforts to pass his disastrous health care plan, but it will certainly put a dent in the momentum that was mounting without any end in sight until tonight.

Brown campaigned on the idea that he would be the 41st vote to kill Obamacare. He made no secret of his conservative principles on health care reform and the economy. And the people of Massachusetts, a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by 3 to 1, embraced those principles in record numbers!  There can be no clearer referendum on Obamacare than this one!

That doesn’t mean the fight is over. Some reports have indicated that Democrats will scramble to keep Senator-elect Brown from being seated immediately so Congress can get Obamacare to the President's desk.  Others have suggested they will ram it through reconciliation -- that idea hasn't gone away.  However, tonight's results cannot be ignored nor misunderstood.  Americans -- at least the ones living in Massachusetts -- have spoken at the polls in a way no one could have predicted!

The only question remaining will be how quickly Reid will move to seat Brown in the Senate.  If he drags his feet while they continue to ram through Obamacare, they will do so at the risk of losing even more ground in the mid-term elections coming this November. 

Two days after the election results were in George Will put it well:

If the Democrats' congressional leaders are determined to continue their kamikaze flight to incineration, they will ignore Massachusetts' redundant evidence of public disgust. They will leaven their strategy of briberies with procedural cynicism — delaying certification of Massachusetts' Senate choice, or misusing "reconciliation" to evade Senate rules, or forcing the House to swallow its last shred of pride in order to rush the Senate bill to the president's desk. Surely any such trickery would be one brick over a load for some hitherto servile members of the Democratic House and Senate caucuses, giving them an excuse to halt their party's Gadarene rush toward the precipice.

P.S. Days after the election, someone sent me this video of one of Scott Brown's campaign ads -- pretty compelling stuff!

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