Saturday, December 12, 2009



It was a beautiful Spring day at the park. Joey and Jill were so glad to feel the warm sunshine on their faces, to be together playing with their friends after the long cold winter, and to see the brightly-colored new blossoms on the flowers and trees.

“Jill, I’m ready for a drink, but it looks like the vending machine only takes dollar bills. Would you come with me and use your dollar, so we can get something to drink?” asked Joey.

“Sure. I just found out I can’t buy any candy without quarters. Would you use your quarters so we can get some candy?” wondered Jill.

“No problem. I guess Dad really knew what he was doing. I thought I had more than you, but he really gave us the same amount. It just looks different until we put it all together,” concluded Joey.

Those to have eyes to see will see the mysteries of godliness in the light of revealed truth.

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