Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am sending out a message to all the readers of this blog who are interested in finding work.  The Church has established an incredible resource where job seekers and employers can network and find each other.  This is by no means an official announcement by the Church (far from it), but I was encouraged to spread the word so I will.

Here's the link to the site.  When you click on the link the first webpage will open; then click on the "BETA" option and follow the prompts to fill in the registration information.  Once confirmed as a user, a person can enter their profile, and employers can see qualified applicants throughout the site by searching for specific skills and qualifications they are looking for.

Many of you know people in your families, neighborhoods and wards who are looking for help.  This new website is a powerful resource.  Please spread the word and encourage everyone you know who is looking for employment to visit this site immediately and have them register. 

The site welcomes everyone, whether a member of the Church or not.  If a member, the only requirement to access the resources is one's membership number (found on the temple recommend or available from the ward clerk).  If not a member, the applicant follows a different protocol, but the result is the same -- equal access to all.

The Church plans on rolling this out in January with the official announcement, but in the meantime we are being encouraged to share this information with everyone who can benefit in the run-up to the official roll-out.  The site is already populated with employers who are looking for potential employees.  It's going to be the best marketplace in the world to link employers with job seekers, and will be available in three languages at launch.

In addition, the Employment Resource Centers throughout the world offer assistance to any and all who seek it.  The training received in the career workshops is outstanding, staffed by volunteer missionary couples with years of experience and a desire to teach and share their wisdom.  This service is freely given and costs the participants nothing.  Nowhere in any outplacement service is the training equalled for displaced employees whose jobs have been downsized.
The phenomenal success of the Church's self-sustaining welfare plan is due to its foundation in the correct principle of work, which teaches people to govern themselves temporally and spiritually.  In the words of President Joseph F. Smith, "It has always been a cardinal teaching with the Latter-day Saints that a religion which has not the power to save people temporally and make them prosperous and happy here, cannot be depended upon to save them spiritually, to exalt them in the life to come."  (Leonard Arrington and Davis Bitton, The Mormon Experience [New York: Vintage, 1979], 262).  The mission of the Church welfare program is to help us now in our temporal existence so we can become strong, independent, helpful, and happy members of God's celestial society.

In both cases -- temporal salvation and spiritual exaltation -- the Lord's true Church in 2009 in the aftermath of a worldwide economic meltdown has made ample provision. 

Please share this information freely as you feel inspired to do so. 

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