Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Launch Sales and Marketing and the Employment Resource Center

I am grateful for Launch Sales and Marketing, and particularly my association with Brandt Page and the great team he is assembling.

It was reported publicly by Utah Pulse yesterday that I have joined Launch and we're determined to begin rebuilding and helping other companies succeed in the aftermath of the recession.

I read today that Scott Anderson, President of Zions Bank, reported that Americans have lost over $8.8 Trillion in the last eighteen months.  No time to fret about all that.  It's time to be up and at 'em and growing our businesses and putting the pieces back together again.

It's also time to announce that Patsy and I will be assuming the volunteer position of Chair of the Professional Placement Program for the Employment Resource Center in Salt Lake.  We've been called to serve as "senior couple missionaries," which is still taking some time to get used to -- don't really think of myself or her as "seniors" quite yet, but there's no hiding the gray hair!

If you know people who are looking for work, remind them to check out and enter their profile.  The beta site is already populated with employers searching for qualified applicants.  It's a great marketplace to hook up, whether you're an employer or a potential hire.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Take time to give thanks for your blessings too!

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