Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Root of All Evil

Some say the root of evil is money,
but having seen evil that seems funny,
'cause we all know those without it often
who are blacker than somebody's coffin.
If they had any more of it than they do,
who's to say what ideas, all brand new,
they'd be putting together for Satan
even better than killin' and hatin'.

Money makes evil, don't think that it won't,
but the ones who've got it and those who don't
still seem to be racing all over town
trying to find even faster ways down.
The root of it all, it would seem to me,
isn't money -- that's just leaves on the tree.
The dollar, Euro, franc and pound sterling
are blamed when the world of sin gets whirling,
but plucking leaves that are easy to reach
won't kill the tree, or the true doctrine teach.

Money's not at the root, it's only green
and handy for buying things that are seen.
Money's inventor who stands at the press
keeps churning it out, he tells us to bless
all the people who need it while living
down here. It's better, he says, than giving
your life to a God who never seems real
when money is such a superior deal.

No, the root of evil's never been greenbacks --
it's really the printer who makes big stacks
of lucre some account as worth much more
than eternal life and an open door
to the Father who sent His Only Son
as the Gardener to purge -- His work is done.
All the damage to trees that don't bear fruit
is already cured for a price that will suit
both those who've got money and those who don't.
There's only bad root on the trees who won't
come to the vineyard and graft to the vine.
Then whether rich or poor, all alike dine
on a feast of fat things prepared for all,
who've plucked up the root and answered the call.

Does money bring on a spiritual winter?
I say the root's always been the printer!

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