Friday, October 12, 2012

Joe Biden - The Laughing "Jackass"

I am grieved this morning at all the characterizations of Joe Biden, the Vice-President of the United States of America, as a "jackass." His debate performance last night was disgraceful to the high office he holds. At a time when America, filled with ADULT voters and perhaps ready now more than ever before for an ADULT conversation about the serious issues of the day, we get this instead:

If you want four more years of THAT, and you're still undecided about who to vote for, I appeal to the adult within each of you.

Here's the abysmal truth about the Obama administration:

23 million either un- or under-employed, 49 million on food stamps, 15% living at poverty level, $6 Trillion in additional debt, complete denial of the national security threats we face as a nation, no attention to detail on threat assessments from the intelligence community, no urgency to stand beside Israel in the face of their existential threat from Iran, the grandest and most costly lie in American history in Obamacare, nearly 1,000 executive orders to bypass Congress, no history of working across the aisles in Congress. . .

the list is much longer than this. . . did I mention this administration has failed to submit a budget to Congress in four years that was competent enough to garner even ONE vote in both houses? FOUR YEARS, NO BUDGET. There's a connection here that shouldn't be hard to make.

and all of this draws guffaws and demagoguery through political debate tricks from our Vice-President? REALLY? We can do better than this.

On November 6th this shall all be overthrown in a silent, bloodless coup d'etat in the quiet sanctuary of the voting booth one vote at a time.

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