Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Romney/Ryan Plan to Reform Medicare

Here's the truth about the Romney/Ryan plan to reform Medicare (and it's not what BHO/Biden are telling seniors it is).

Paul Ryan calmly and perfunctorily lays out the case for the need for reform of Medicare on his own terms. He will not be easily redefined by Obama's lies about what he intends to do:

Here's another example of what this POTUS is doing this year in his campaign. Here he is in 2008 as a candidate accusing his Republican opponents of doing EXACTLY what he is doing right now:

Out of his own mouth! It's simply stunning. I used to think Americans could discern truth from error. I hope they still can.

Here's a priceless cartoon that illustrates what we're talking about:

Here's what Mitt Romney said today. There are exactly 84 days left until we get a change of direction that will help put America back on the right track.

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