Saturday, March 24, 2012

American Free Enterprise's Last Gasp

Law professors and community organizers just don't get the secret of the American freedom agenda, according to Mitt Romney in this victory speech in Barack Obama's backyard. This may be the final voice of reason when it comes to the contrast between government solutions and the free enterprise system.

I can hardly wait for the general campaign that will draw a clear distinction between these two vastly divergent philosophies. People tell me there's no hope to change things, they tell me things have deteriorated too badly to rescue the country, that America's in decline, that our debt and deficit picture is so bleak it can never be reversed now short of a general economic collapse.

Well, I just don't believe it. Ronald Reagan was famous for reminding us that "it's always morning in America." I still believe that. Every two years Americans have the privilege under our Constitution to go to the voting booth and change direction when they think things have gone awry. They did that in 2008, and got more than a few disappointing surprises since then. In 2010, they rejected the Obama agenda in resounding fashion by a record-setting reversal in the People's House, and booted Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker's chair.

In 2012, they have the chance to reshape America's policies once again by sending Mitt Romney to the White House and taking control of the Senate. As of this week, Republicans are leading in key Senate races across America, suggesting they may accomplish that important task. It's the reason we are a resilient nation, one that cannot be suppressed unless our wounds become self-inflicted. Our problem is not about enemies who can attack us from without - our problem is the divide within our borders.

But my faith in America remains steadfast. It's never too late to turn things around.

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