Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Networking Entrepreneurs

Loved this presentation from Abhishek Ved Prakash Shah -- recommend it to everyone with an entrepreneurial mindset, whether you've already started your own company or just thinking about it. Networking among professionals is the way you create opportunities in today's economy. There's no substitute for being proactive. You'll find you can retrain your brain, get off the sidelines and back into the game. Here's the best networking opportunity for budding entrepreneurs in Utah.

My advice is don't sit around sending off your resume into cyberspace looking for a job and hoping for the best. Make a beginning, and share yourselves with others. You'll find through your networking activities that taking the risks to put yourself out there will yield the harvest you're seeking. I love it when someone I know (and even a total stranger) walks into our office and presents themselves in person as a new opportunity for us. We immediately start thinking about how we can use someone with initiative even if we don't have an immediate position.

I read an article the other day that basically said people are giving up on the job market and increasingly turning to their own solutions by starting the companies they've always dreamed of owning and operating. I commend everyone who's thinking in that direction. It's what made America great the first time around, and now it appears we will have to recreate and retrace our steps to re-enthrone the spirit of "can do" once again.

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