Friday, April 1, 2011

Goates Announces U.S. Senate Candidacy

I am announcing my candidacy today for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

I've waited and waited for others to step forward, and because no one has, I am doing the only thing any engaged and rational citizen would do when confronted with the same set of facts.

While I have great admiration for Senator Hatch, I can no longer restrain my belief that his perpetual entitlement to this seat is not well-advised, nor do I believe he can survive one more campaign successfully. I will do everything I can to make certain others agree with me.

He's been in the U.S. Senate longer than my oldest child has been living -- six terms for thirty-six years! Despite his assertions to the contrary, NO ONE is that indispensible, particulary politicians.

I know he's in line to become the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee if re-elected, and I know he thinks that will affect every single Utahn favorably, but I disagree.

What has the Senate Finance Committee done for any of you lately?

Are you better off today than when Senator Hatch was first appointed to that committee?

The seniority system in Washington is totally corrupt and has much to do with the reasons we are in the condition we are today as a nation. If Senator Hatch hasn't been able to make a serious impact for Utahns and their issues for thirty-six years, then why are we being asked to believe he can do it with yet another six-year term, making him 84 years old at the end of it?

So today I am publicly announcing my intentions, and I ask for your support. I intend to run for one term, make all the changes Hatch been unable to effect in his long tenure and then I'm done.

In that one term I promise:

  • I will advocate balancing the federal budget without a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • I will seek for the immediate repeal and defunding of Obamacare
  • I will advocate the elimination of waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid
  • I will oppose a term limit amendment to the Constitution -- that's what elections are for
  • I will always tell the truth about what's going on in Washington to my consituents
  • I will seek the endorsement of all naturalized American citizens as well as immigrants 
  • I will represent Utah values better than anyone else in the history of Utah
  • I will support any and all legislation that puts guns into the hands of responsible citizens
  • I will oppose foreign oil imports from the Middle East
  • I will promote all policies favorable to domestic energy development
  • I will lift all the bans currently in place for domestic drilling
  • I will vote against every single measure proposed by the current administration
  • I will oppose public employee unions
  • I will never become a bosom buddy with Ted Kennedy like Hatch did
  • I will never lie about anything
Except on April 1st in any given year.

My favorite campaign ad so far this election cycle:


  1. You had me going. And I don't appreciate it. I was really excited for a minute.

  2. I knew from the moment you tried to pull a fast one on me that you were kidding... can't fool me dad.

  3. you have to give him credit though...this was a lot more convincing than mom's april fool's jokes were