Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who's Really Serious About Budget Slashing?

Take a look at this interview -- Judge Napolitano interviews Mike Lee (R-UT). There is at least one guy in the Senate who is serious about it. They are going to bring up the BBA again BEFORE the next vote to raise the debt ceiling. $1.7 Trillion per year being added to the debt. Serious? This guy is totally serious. Can a filibuster stop the vote to raise the debt ceiling? It will take 60 votes in the Senate to get it. Lee rounded up seven Democrat senators to vote for a BBA -- it's moving in the right direction. Lee is going to do everything he can to muster more support among the Democrats to move this question further than either Democrats or Republicans are currently doing.

This is exactly what his constituents elected him to do, and as a freshmen senator he is having an important impact on these discussions. He's the answer to the question, "Who's serious?" and those names will emerge as the debate continues and he compels people to go on the record to declare themselves. Look for new leadership to break out for the first time to address the out of control spending addiction in Washington D. C.

Lee released this statement today: “The fight over cutting $10 billion or $60 billion is not a serious discussion about how to fix what’s broken,” said Lee. “It does not begin to address our massive $1.65 trillion deficit, and completely ignores any long-term structural restraints necessary to impede Congress’s insatiable appetite to spend. If you think of our annual deficit as a football field, the Democrat proposal moves the ball just over half a yard toward the goal line. The Republican proposal moves it just three and a half yards. That is not a winning strategy for the country.

“As long as these spending proposals maintain the status quo on our deficit and debt without instituting some measure of external structural control, I will oppose them.”


  1. Mike Lee is great on this point. Here is Rand Paul's speech on the floor today, which is great, as well.