Thursday, September 30, 2010

ONE BIG REASON to vote for Morgan Philpot

In case you missed it, in the news you read this item probably avoided your radar:

Yesterday, 39 House Democrats joined Republicans in voting against adjournment - but not Jim Matheson. Nancy Pelosi did not want to discuss tax cuts before the election. She moved to adjourn and avoid a vote to extend the Bush tax cuts to American families and businesses.

Last week Congressman Matheson told his Utah constituents that he wanted to vote on the tax cuts before the election. Apparently, he says one thing in Utah, and then caved to the demands of Pelosi and voted with her to adjourn.

Here's the disastrous news for America -- the vote to adjourn passed by ONE vote: 210-209.  If Matheson had joined the other 39 Democrats and defied Pelosi, the House could have debated and passed the tax cuts.

So who does Matheson have in mind?  He's not interested in what's best for his constituents, apparently.  And, oh by the way, his worst vote in history was voting with his caucus to seat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in the first place.  His allegiance to Nancy Pelosi is apparently a higher priority than his constituents in the 2nd District.  I am one who has made the mistake of voting for him five times in the past.  Never again.  

On the other hand, two Republican members of the House from Utah -- Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz -- did vote against Pelosi's motion to adjourn so that the tax cuts could be discussed. Unfortunately, for Utah families, they needed one more vote. Jim Matheson failed to provide that vote.

When people tell you their vote doesn't count, remember this example of what one vote actually amounts to.  It's time for Congressman Matheson to be held accountable for his actions. It's time for the citizens of the 2nd District to elect a Congressman who values the opinions of the voters here in Utah more than the demands of Nancy Pelosi. 

It's time for Morgan Philpot.

If you are upset by Matheson's vote, please forward this message to all your friends in the 2nd Congressional District.  Join Morgan's team by visiting his website.

Statement by Congressman Rob Bishop:

"Democrat leadership should be embarrassed that they brought the entire Congress from around the country back into session for just one day and then left with so many issues that impact our economy just hanging out there. Congress should have at least stayed in long enough to extend the tax cuts to stop massive tax increases and provide some stability and certainty. More time would also have allowed for better policy decision on a whole host of issues, including the NASA bill."

Statement by Congressman Jason Chaffetz:

"Yesterday the House decided by a single vote to adjourn until after the election this fall. It is totally irresponsible for Congress to leave town when critical issues such as extending the Bush tax cuts need to be debated. In order for the marketplace to thrive, businesses need some regulatory certainty. Congress has failed to deliver. At a time when our economy is weak and people need jobs, it's very frustrating to see Congress act in such a negligent manner. It is up to voters to hold those Members accountable who place politics above the American people."

Statement by Congressman Jim Matheson:

"I have led the effort in the U.S. House of Representatives to extend tax cuts for all at this time of fragile economic recovery.  Efforts to suggest otherwise are playing politics and that is a shame."

* * *

Memo to Congressman Matheson: 

It is you, Congressman, who is playing politics now.  If that's your best defense to the people of the 2nd District whom you represent, it is a lame definition of "leadership" and we will dismiss you without further argument on November 2nd.

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