Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Concert

Getting a ticket to these events is something akin to winning the lottery, but this is the clean Mormon version.  The good news is the tickets are free, but you've got to ask on line to get them.  To date, Patsy and I have never been "lucky winners," but we have a lot of good friends and family who have shared their success.

That said, we scored some tickets from some generous ward members Thursday night, and we were excited to participate last night with 21,000 of our closest friends as the Choir celebrated 100 years of recording excellence.  The history of the recording industry finds it orgins with the Choir, and every major advancement in the technology has featured the Choir along the way.  We were rewarded spiritually again last night.

I watched a lot of Klennex being shared all around, and the standing ovations were plentiful throughout.  For me, it is always a spiritual feast to hear the Choir.

We certainly were well fed last night.  The Choir is simply beyond words to describe, but Carma Wadley tried in this morning's Deseret News.  No matter where you sit in that magnificent Conference Center, as you listen you are transported into spiritual realms transcending the bounds of earth. 

President Thomas S. Monson expressed it well, "We are richly blessed by this choir and orchestra, which stands shoulder-to-shoulder with choirs above in singing praises to a just God."

The orchestration is superb, the arrangements awesome, the harmony sublime, the choir flawless.  You can understand and hear every word perfectly.  I'm not sure how that's even possible to master the acoustics in such a large venue, but somebody has figured it all out.

It was a panoramic stroll down memory lane, a feast for the soul, a drink from the fountain of eternity.

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