Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing Lanta's FroZone

Almost every week, someone writes in to the Professional Placement Program with their story of success in finding a new employment opportunity.  Today's news was particularly exciting, and I am pleased to pass along an invitation for all to check them out.

I am introducing you to a new company, Lanta's FroZone.  Here's the rest of the story:


I appreciate the time that I spent with the Professional Placement services. I will admit it was a bit discouraging. I was looking for project or product management positions and so it seemed were half the people there. We were all doing the same things vying for the same few jobs.

After a few months and many other experiences too lengthy to discuss, I decided to manage my own project and create my own job. My wife and I have opened a sandwich and frozen custard shop in West Valley called Lanta’s Frozone. It took several months of planning and organizing to put it all together. It is not a franchise so we had to do everything from scratch. Everything from space planning, menu planning, pricing, advertising, etc. We did it all. We have been open 1 month now and are finding we are enjoying the success that we planned and worked so hard for. Turns out that the biggest, most complicated project I have managed in my career is the one I did for myself. It was very satisfying.

We invite everyone to come out and visit us for sandwiches and frozen custard. We are located in West Valley within walking distance of the West Valley employment center.


Kim Stevens

There's still a place in America for an enterprising entrepreneur, and we congratulate Kim for this successful launch.  Drop in and check them out. . .  oh, and eat the food too!

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