Friday, June 18, 2010

Mike Lee - Up by 10 points

It's a long time since January, when I first endorsed Mike Lee for the Senate.  A lot of things have happened -- ups and downs to be sure -- but in the waning moments of the primary season, Mike Lee has a 10-point lead.  A word to the wise -- the only way polls come true is that people actually have to show up on Tuesday to cast their votes.  Twenty percent remain undecided apparently. . .  nobody should be breathing easily just quite yet.   

Mike Lee Up by 10 Points

Robert Gehrke of the Salt Lake Tribune blogs that the Senate Conservatives Fund just fielded a poll showing Mike Lee ahead by 10 points in the race for the U.S. Senate:

Mike Lee: 45 percent
Tim Bridgewater: 35 percent

The poll of 642 likely Utah voters was conducted yesterday by the Ohio-based firm Wenzel Strategies...

Matt Hoskins, spokesman for the Senate Conservatives Fund, said Lee has come from behind and built a strong lead in the race.

"We're supporting Mike Lee because he's the strongest conservative in this race and will help us stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt in Washington that are bankrupting our country," Hoskins said.

Lee released a similar poll last week that showed him with a 9-point edge.

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