Friday, April 30, 2010

Mike Lee -- Thinking INSIDE the Consitutional Box

An excerpt from inside the Mike Lee campaign this week:

Congress wants “out of the box” thinking to solve today’s challenges, but the solutions are “in the box” of the Constitution.

The popular buzz-phrase for solving problems today is, “you must think out of the box.” While that can often be helpful, in many cases it actually leads to wasted time and effort, especially when the simple, effective answer may actually be “in the box.” Going back to the basics can be the best path forward.

Washington’s “out of the box” thinking has given us too many government programs, unfunded entitlements and regulations like No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D and Obamacare. The list goes on: auto company and bank bailouts, out of control illegal immigration, amnesty, “Cap and Tax”, and pork-barrel projects which produce soaring deficits and compounding debt.

Elected officials have forgotten that the solutions to our challenges are found “in the box” of the Constitution. Returning to the limited government the Founding Fathers created inside the Constitution will jump-start our economy, pave the way for real job creation, and enable individuals and families to earn, save and prosper.

An "out of the box" Congress results in:

•More government takeover of health care
•More bailouts, earmarks and deficit spending
•More talk of amnesty, anchor babies and illegal immigration
•More over-reaching government
•More generation crushing debt

A Congress "in the box" of the Constitution results in:

•More rights and controls returned to the States
•More jobs, growth and strength in the economy
•More national security through secure borders and proper paths to citizenship
•More individual liberty and personal responsibility
•More confidence in our future

It is time to stop “out of the box” and out-of-control government growth and return to “in the box” constitutional governance!

Mike Lee doesn’t just focus on the theory of the Constitution – he delivers real solutions for all that ails our country by applying the simple yet powerful principles found within the Constitution.

Join Mike Lee in restoring the constitutional debate to Congress and reclaiming our future!

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