Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mike Lee, Utah's Next Senator

I have found my candidate for the United States Senate race this year.  I am endorsing Mike Lee

Here's Mike's website.  Learn about him, find out why he answers all the missing qualifications needed in today's Senate and House of Representatives.

Here's a man who not only understands the Constitution, he loves it with all his heart and will apply its founding principles in his decision making on pending legislation.  He will keep balanced on the need to represent people, not lobbyists, not special interest groups, and certainly not the demands of party.

He's the son of Rex Lee, former president of BYU, but beyond that he's the personification of all his father's best attributes.

I've never met Mike Lee.  I was told about him from a friend who knows and trusts him, a friend whom I respect and admire.  I told him in response to his invitation to support Mike Lee, "If you like Mike, then I like Mike."  Since then I've been studying Mike Lee.  I like what I hear.  I have made up my mind.  He will be Utah's next Senator, even if none of you knows who he is yet. 

Lee has made this comment that continues to resonate with me:  “We expand the role of government at the expense of individual liberty. Our prosperity and happiness depend on restricting government to its proper size and scope.”

Former U.S. Congressman, Jim Hansen, and former Utah Governor Norm Bangerter have endorsed Mike.  Why?  Bangerter said, "Because he asked me to."  You have to ask for people to vote for you.  It's politics 101.  And I ask you as friends of this page to do as I have done -- study Mike Lee's positions, then spread the wildfire across this great state of Utah, and let's elect a worthy successor to Senator Bennett, who seems to have neither the wisdom or the self-awareness to retire gracefully.

I have been on the "ABB" (Anybody But Bennett) bandwagon in my own mind for a long time, well at least since the fall of 2008.  When Senator Bennett voted for the disastrous TARP legislation, these were his exact words:  “If we say, no, we want to take the time to do this right, we want to put this provision in, and that provision in, and let’s debate it for another week, and thus send the signal that we’re not serious, I think the markets are going to fall off the cliff.”  His predictions proved faulty.  Then last week, he admitted that they didn't get what they "thought" they were going to get with TARP.  Why?  Because it was done in a panic.

He was the poster child advocating swift passage of the TARP legislation, $750 billion of it for the very institutions he was tasked, but failed, to oversee from his lofty perch as a ranking member on the Senate Banking Committee.  Not only did he fail Utahns, he failed America.  At least Chris Dodd, (D-CT) had the decency to step down voluntarily.  Bennett did not -- he will go down in flames because he doesn't know when to step aside gracefully.

Bennett, while serving on the Senate Banking Committee was nothing more than "bought and paid for" -- it's little wonder he was in such a hurry to swiftly pass TARP.  The top industries that have funded his political career are (as of 2008, according to Securities & Investment ($484,236), Commercial Banks ($377,074) and Insurance ($284,855).  Bennett’s six leading individual PAC donors are, in order, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, Bank of America, and the American Bankers Association.  He was little more than their puppet.  The TARP legislation, completed on President Bush's watch, by the way, opened the flood gates for the orgy of deficit spending that then ensued.

So in the panic there was no time for Congress to do it “right,” better to just fork over the money.

Well, today it stops.  I am going public with this disclosure because I wrote personally to Senator Bennett about my concerns over what appeared to me to be "pay for play" scheming among his colleagues.  Months later I got a long and rambling summary of his votes on this and that matter, alleging he was rolled by the majority party, but never addressing directly my stated concerns.  He will be held accountable for that vote if I have any influence among my friends and associates. 
What has been lacking in my mind fixated on ABB was an acceptable alternative, and now I have found him in Mike Lee.
Please join me in supporting Utah's next Senator, Mike Lee.


  1. I like Mike as well. He stands a great chance at being able to unseat Bennett in the May convention. Have you signed up on his website to commit to become a state delegate?

  2. Not yet, but I intend to do all I can to get him elected.

  3. And I am making good on my pledge -- I'm attending my caucus meetings to either be elected as a state delegate or to vote for someone who is pledged to Mike Lee. Everyone should do the same and we can bring about the change we need to take back the political system. It begins on Tuesday night, March 23, 2010 -- we all need to get involved.

  4. I think you may be a little premature in encouraging every body you know to vote for Lee even before the caucus was held. I was elected as a delegate and have spent my time studying the candidates and listening to them speak. I think we owe it to our state and neighbors to do our do diligence and pick the most reliable horse to enter this race.If I can use that analogy. Mike is certainly an acceptable candidate but I am concerned about his resolve, his toughness and his work ethic. I am a small business owner. And as such I hire and sometimes fire employees. Mike canceled his radio debate only two days before its scheduled time and has refused to reschedule. When asked to run initially he thought about it and declined and the changed his mind and decided to run. Mike seem like a great guy but is he the work horse and fighter we need in the senate? It makes me question that when he backs out of a debate and then another candidate (Bridgewater) takes his place and debates Eager on the radio. I have to tell you I was really looking fore ward to debate. But when mike cancelled it gave me reason to doubt him. As for Bridgewater it seems like they agree pretty much on everything I can tell but Tim seems like a tireless worker, one dependable horse, with fire in his gut. Lets all do are do diligence and elect a senator that will work hard for us continually.

  5. Do you realize that Mike Lee is the very embodiment of the "Washington insider?"

    I find it somewhat ironic that Republicans chose to vote for Mike Lee, a Washington, DC-based corporate attorney/lobbyist over a local small business owner.